LDPE 2026K


Special Characteristics : InnoPlus LD2026K is produced by high pressure tubular process, a technology licensed by LyondellBasell. This grade is excellent transparency, mechanical property and processability. Processing Condition : The recommended temperature setting is in the range of 150 oC to 190 oC. Note : Properties reported here are typical values of the product, not to be considered as specifications. PTT Global Chemical makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Additives : Slip and Antiblock Typical Applications : InnoPlus LD2026K is designed for variety of film application such as general purpose and thin film, zip bag and food packaging film. In addition, LD2026K is very suitable for liner cap, drinking water cap and vegetable oil caphttps://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/product-app-grade.aspx?id=15&nid=627

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